Top Uses of a Tactical Apron

Top Uses of a Tactical Apron

Master the grill in your tactical apron. Whether you are barbequing in the backyard or cooking around a campfire, a tactical apron can keep you protected and your clothing clean.

Tactical aprons are typically known for having lots of pockets - perfect for your knife, tongs and other cooking utensils. This apron also works well for any type of food preparation.

On the Job:
Tactical aprons are worn by professional welders, knife-makers, loggers, mechanics, oil riggers and fisherman just to name a few. Considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on the job, safety is key in these professions.

Your At Home Workbench:
A tactical apron is a practical addition to your workbench, garage, or man cave, whatever your hobby is. It’s great for woodworking, painting, fishing lure making, metal work, or car restoration. If you enjoy fishing, the apron will guard your clothing when cleaning your catch.

A nice compliment to the tactical apron is Kitanica’s Utility Tote, which doubles as a soft-sided bucket, great for hauling mulch and dirt, as well as carrying your gardening tools. The tote is also perfect for carrying picked fruit and vegetables from your garden.

In summary, the tactical apron is a good fit for any professional or recreational job where you want a layer of protection between you and your activity.

Kitanica U.S. Made tactical apron is available in:

The apron’s tie around utilitarian design, pen tube, loop patch, waist pockets and an adjustable neck make it practical and functional.

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