Berry Compliant Manufacturing

As a vertically integrated, domestic adventure gear company, we are staffed to bring projects from beginning to end in all processes from ideation through delivery. Kitanica is uniquely capable of seamlessly developing, building and delivering high quality Berry Compliant apparel and soft-goods to the Government agency and procurement markets.  Small, specialized projects and product development are our signature strengths. Unlike most government contractors, Kitanica can develop and produce products independently and does not rely on massive quantities and outside subcontractors and consultants to operate and make projects feasible.  With our start to finish approach in all aspects of product manufacturing and delivery, Kitanica stands ready to provide high quality, specialized Berry Compliant goods for your teams.


Known for our distinct, unrivaled quality, detailed and often complicated, designs Kitanica has core competency in creating and adapting specialized designs for production.  Our in-house team handles all aspects of pre-production and product development from drawings and specs, pattern development, samples and revision to coordination with production team to create a seamless process from inception to finished product.  


From the beginning Kitanica has built its own products in its own facility here in San Leandro, CA and continues to maintain and expand its capacity to build high quality gear.  We have been sourcing our materials here in the United States for 15 years and have very strong ties with U.S. suppliers 


As a vertical manufacture, Kitanica has not just made products from the ground up but also had packaged and warehoused our goods.  From our facility, we ship and distribute finished goods to customers domestically and around the world.   Our team also handles all aspects of customer service from order to delivery to ensure excellent customer relations and satisfaction.