Top 10 Travel Hacks

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Be prepared for the unexpected while traveling. Check out these great travel hacks.

Technology Travel Hacks

Email yourself a scan of your passport

Carrying a hardcopy of your passport is important, but it’s great to have a backup. By emailing yourself a scan of your passport, your passport is only a click away. This also goes for any document or confirmation (tickets, itineraries etc.) Better safe than sorry.

Download Google Maps offline

Google Maps without an internet connection is useless. Did you know that you can go off grid and still use Google Maps? Just download Google Maps - go on the map to the area you want to save, type “ok map” into the search option and then press download. Be sure to download over a WiFi connection to avoid data charges.

Health Travel Hacks

If you’re jetlagged, run it off

Jet lag can be a drag both physically and mentally – combat it with exercise. Running and even light exercises like yoga or resistance band training can help alleviate jet lag. When traveling for an extended amount of time, oxygen saturation levels are reduced, and exercising after a flight can help replenish them.

Packing and Luggage Travel Hacks

Use packing and compression cubes

Whether you’re a packing cube addict or you don’t even know what they are, packing cubes can help anyone packing a carry-on. These small, lightweight bags separate items to keep things tightly organized and carefully folded, stacked or rolled.

Small bags are also great for organizing when packing clothing and toiletries. Kitanica’s set of three durable nesting Ditty Bags are perfect for this, and they are machine washable.

Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them makes your clothing items more compact and will save room in your case. Plus, it prevents them from creasing.

When checking a bag, mark it as “fragile”

Ensure that your bags are given the VIP treatment and save time - anything marked fragile gets to the top of the pile in storage and sent out in the first batch! To do this, just request for a “fragile” sticker at the counter.

Use your backpack as your personal item

Many airlines will allow a backpack as a personal item, and for those that don't, a backpack can still be your carry-on luggage as long as it is under the size restrictions for the particular airline. The standard domestic carry-on luggage size is 22" x 14" x 9.”

But if you’re traveling with a larger multiday bag or a massive 65-liter pack for a month-long trek, it might technically be a backpack — but it’s definitely not going to fit under the seat, making it a carry-on item.

Check out our Vespid 30-liter backpack. At 20 x 11 x 8 ½”, this pack is perfect for carrying on, and can be opened to expose the entire contents.

Inside the pack are:

  • Vertical sleeves for electronics
  • 4 mesh pockets (2 inside and 2 outside)
  • Two water bottle sleeves.

When airlines allow you one bag without charge

Some airlines allow for just one bag without charge. At 18 x 14 x 8 inches, the Kitanica Envoy Attaché fits the bill for shorter trips. Perfect for when you do not want to pay for the added expense, it can be carried single strap sling or as a backpack, or by its top handles.

Pack a bag within a bag

For those times when the overhead bins are full and you are forced to check your bag, pack a small bag (a day pack or laptop bag) inside your larger carry-on bag for your flight essentials and most valuable items. This is also handy for when you encounter an airline that allows you to carry on only one bag at no cost. 

Bring a Tote Bag

Pack a tote bag for day trips and getting groceries. Kitanica's Utility Tote Bag is perfect for this. Designed with front and back pockets for storing small items and electronics, this tote also makes a great beach bag.

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