The Challenges Facing Made In America Apparel Manufacturers

The Challenges Facing Made In America Apparel Manufacturers

The Growing Skills Shortage

It’s no secret that U.S. manufacturing jobs have been eroding for decades. Couple that with older, more experienced baby boomer generation workers leaving the workforce to retire with no generation X and Y with similar skills and desire to replace them.

Foreign Trade

For years, American apparel manufacturers have had stiff competition from foreign companies that could produce the same products, but often for far less, due to lower labor costs rent and materials created by a lower standard of living of many other countries.

 Lack of U.S. Made Fabric

The U.S. makes great denim, twills, canvas and jersey knit fabrics. These fabrics are high-volume staple products and were able to maintain their competitiveness. Other fabrics that are more specialized in nature or smaller in order size are typically made overseas due to competition in the global market and the fact that most apparel is made outside of the U.S.

In Summary

If you are looking to purchase more “Made in U.S.A” products as a business owner and/or consumer, start by assessing your current purchases and ask yourself if there is something you are currently making or purchasing overseas that could be sourced from America.

Kitanica apparel is made by our highly skilled sewing team in our Oakland, CA headquarters and apparel manufacturers in other U.S. cities.


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