Top Brands Made in the USA: Cars to Clothes and Everything In-Between

Top Brands Made in the USA: Cars to Clothes and Everything In-Between

Brands that choose to make their products in the U.S. contribute hugely to our country’s economy and social wellbeing. It’s exciting to think that you may even personally know the people making your most beloved brands. 

Not only do products made in the U.S. translate into more jobs for the unemployed, but many industries count on us purchasing their products to maintain their business. 

For a product to have the Made In The USA designation from the FTC, most of the product’s processing and parts must be of U.S. origin. You may not have realized this, but fur products, wool, textile, and automobiles must communicate the amount of U.S. content on their labeling. 

There is everything from cars, clothes, and everything in-between made right here in the U.S. 

Let’s dive in and discover which well-known brands can say they are made in the USA. 

Kitanica Clothing and Gear

Production for our amazing brand takes place in-house in Northern California in our Oakland headquarters. Kitanica is proud to make all of its products using domestically produced materials in the United States. Even more interesting is that Kitanica is owned and operated by two brothers and a cousin of the same family.

It was our primary goal to make the most durable and functional gear on the market. We consider ourselves the gold standard for American-made utilitarian products. 

One of our most famous products is:

Mark IV

This jacket gained notoriety after Adam Savage of Mythbusters wore it on television. This abuse-proof jacket is a must-have in your essentials for stylish, tactical clothing. The functionality is unparalleled. Some features of this jacket include, but are not limited to:

  • Wind and weather-resistant urethane clothing.
  • Fabric that is uniquely abrasion-resistant. 
  • 12 pockets.
  • An articulated spine and arms. 
  • Extra layering at the shoulders and elbows. 
  • Both zippered and hammock pockets on the interior. 

We are proud to offer you exceptional gear, always made right here in the U.S. 


In Fremont, California, Tesla is making huge strides in the electric car arena. Clocking in at an estimated 263 to 353 miles of gas-free driving, it is one of the longest estimates on the market.


In an impressive 5.3 seconds, the Tesla Model 3 can go from 0 to 60 MPH. It features benefits like: 

  • The detection of pedestrians
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • An adaptive cruise control 
  • A camera system offering surround-view
  • Additional monitoring for any blind spots

With lower emissions, stellar performance, and admirable driving rangeability, this USA-made electric car has set a standard that is hard to beat. 

Walt Disney

Can you imagine what life would be like without the gift of Disney? From unforgettable characters to unbelievable theme parks, Disney has created a brand that people know and love worldwide. 

The Wonder That is Disney

Disney has been part of our lives for over 100 years, from Mickey Mouse to Cruella to the parades at Disneyland and Disneyworld. This USA-based company has wiggled its way into our hearts one character and story at a time. 

Just when we think it can’t get any better, Disney manages to do the unthinkable and top its last greatest accomplishment. We don’t know about you, but we are looking forward to another 98 years of being amazed and entertained. 


How could we possibly mention USA-made products without talking about Starbucks? Headquartered in Seattle since 1971, it's hard to believe there was a time we didn’t know what a Starbucks was. 

We can all remember the heady aroma of coffee brewing in the house. At one time, that is where most people got their coffee. Plain black coffee, at home, no fancy frills. Today, how can you even face a Monday without stopping and treating yourself to your favorite beverage? 

Can you even think of a generation being robbed of tasting the heaven that is a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino or Pumpkin Spice Latte? Now one of the largest brands globally, Starbucks is a household name in the coffee business. 

Our Personal Favorite

We are a sucker for Starbucks seasonal beverages, and no matter what time of year, you can never go wrong with a latte. You can drink a latte iced, hot, or as a frappuccino. You can choose from flavors like vanilla, caramel, white chocolate, and mocha. This heavenly beverage is one we never tire of. 

The Home Depot

We love a good DIY project. Home Depot is our happy place, and we are so grateful that we can count on this USA brand for our renovation needs. We aren’t saying we are Chip and Joanna Gaines good, but we swear every time we turn on HGTV, we have to run to Home Depot for supplies. 

We have convinced ourselves there is nothing we can’t take care of ourselves, even if we are still a work in progress. 

Headquartered in Georgia and founded in 1978, this place screams “Improve Your Living Space Please.” With various distinctive collections, you can find anything from bug spray to your next appliance here. 

Eco Friendly

We also love Home Depot’s commitment to helping its customers find eco-friendly alternatives to common household items. You can guarantee you will find what you need at the 2,284 stores around the world. 


United Postal Service (UPS) was founded in Georgia in 1907. With the enormous growth of e-commerce, where would we be without UPS? More and more people are forgoing brick-and-mortar stores to shop online. Someone has to keep up with the delivery of all of these packages!

With package delivery and the innovative way it handles supply chain management, we are more than appreciative of UPS’s wide variety of services. UPS helps us connect anywhere in the world, one package at a time. 


Having amazing brands, such as the ones we have mentioned, made in the USA is certainly a source of pride.

Sourcing materials, employees, and manufacturing plants here in the United States means job security and economic boost to our nation. Kitanica knows the importance of creating a legacy. It’s not just a product or gear. It is a lifelong passion that we seek to share with our brothers and sisters worldwide. 

So much pride is taken in the fact that we founded this brand in our home country, and we can say we strive to create products that people come to know and love. 



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