5 Best Utility Pants For Men 2021

5 Best Utility Pants For Men 2021

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living–you spend most of your days at work. We all do. Working is a necessity that affords us a comfortable lifestyle. When we’re fortunate, our work is both our passion and our livelihood. 

When you’re on the job, you need to be comfortable and ready for anything. That’s where utility pants come in. 

Whether you spend your days in an air-conditioned office or on a construction site, utility pants are a great piece of multi-use clothing that looks good and provides a high level of functionality and comfort.

But not all utility pants are created equal. Some utility pants:

  • Are uncomfortable.
  • Lack important features such as extra pockets or double layers.
  • Don’t fit properly.
  • Are not durable.

The best utility pants for men are from Kitanica and don’t have these issues, because we know what makes utility pants singularly awesome. Here’s the breakdown.   

What Makes Utility Pants Awesome?

To understand what makes utility pants the prime choice for practical everyday wear, you have to know their history. 

For utility pants, in particular, non-negotiables are comfort, built-in conveniences, and durability. 

How Utility Pants Are Made

Features like reinforced stitching, extra padding, and fabric material make a huge difference. If you were going to wear your pants to work, for instance, you would likely want them to be both durable and comfortable. 

You want your pants to be as durable as possible and to support you without the concern of rips or tears. 

Fit, Style, and Materials

Because utility pants are descended from military fatigues, they are loose-fitting and easy to move in. Fit has gotten even more comfortable as long utility pants don’t restrict movement and will stretch and flex with you. No matter what kind of utility pants you buy -- from tactical to slim fit to cargo -- you can expect them to give you maximum comfort for easy movement and flexibility. 

Historically, utility pants such as cargo pants have been considered casual but clothing manufacturers have started using premium materials to give them more of a refined style. The best utility pants can be worn just about anywhere now, from office to next state park.

Why Do Utility Pants Need So Many Pockets?

From approximately the 15th to 16th century, it was normal for men and women to carry their belongings in a purse or pouch. This was usually fastened in some way around their waist.

As time passed and clothing evolved, tailors started to sew these bags into pants, vests, coats, and anywhere else that made sense. 

Today, men use their pockets to carry most--if not all--of their personal belongings. 
So why do utility pants need so many pockets? Multi-pocket pants help with organization and keep track of items in a convenient way.

They Hold All of Your Necessities

Utility pants used to hold things like grenades, rations, and even extra socks. If you think about it, your pockets and a backpack were all you had to hold as many items as you could. 

You had no idea what life would bring your way, so pockets were a place to hold anything and everything that mattered for your survival.

Utility pants are made to provide the ultimate functionality. Roomy pockets are necessary to carry anything from a pocket knife to your cell phone or even the lunch you packed before work. 

Best Utility Pants

Your utility pants can be a crucial part of your everyday life. We have compiled our list of the five best utility pants for men. 

Kitanica Jeans

If you are looking for the perfect utility-style pair of jeans, you have found your Holy Grail. The Kitanica Jeans are stylish and comfortable with several added bonus features, including:

  • Side thigh cell phone pocket
  • Seven belt loops for the best fit possible
  • heavy-duty denim fabric
  • Durable Ripstop camo pocket bags
  • Bar-tacked stress points
  • Six pockets
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

These will be your favorite everyday jeans, just built better.

Raider Pants

The Raider Pants come in various colors, including Khaki, Wolf Grey, Ranger Green, and Black, as well as select camouflages. They offer features such as:

  • Rear dump pockets built to expand
  • 50/50 nylon and cotton Ripstop
  • A total of 13 pockets
  • SuperFabric® Double reinforced knee and seat area
  • Available smart foam knee pad inserts
  • MOLLE  webbing for gear and pouch attachment 
  • Made in the U.S.A.

You have to experience all of the benefits to believe them. 

Raider Pants Camo

The Kitanica Camo Raider Pants are everything you love about the Raider Utility Pants but come in: Multicam or Woodland color options. For the ultimate camo pants these will be your go to. There is so much to love about these pants. Here are a few:

  • Rear dump pockets built to expand
  • 50/50 nylon and cotton Ripstop
  • A total of 13 pockets
  • SuperFabric® Double reinforced knee and seat area
  • MOLLE  webbing for gear and pouch attachment 
  • Made in the U.S.A.


What is not to love about the RSP pants. Made of breathable and durable ripstop fabric, these pants will be a must-have in the rotation. Features include:

  • Cargo pockets and mounted pen tubes
  • Zippered and snapped cargo pockets
  • Double layer seat and knees
  • Cell sleeve 
  • Fabric reinforcement to prevent wear from your knife clip
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Range Shorts

We can’t talk about utility pants and not mention a shorts version of them. The Kitanica Range Shorts are everything you are looking for in utility pants, but available in a heavy duty short  and ideal for warm-weather adventures. Features include:

  • Large zippered cargo pocket and a multi-tool sleeve that can fit a cell phone
  • Seven HD belt loops to accommodate larger belt widths
  • CORDURA fabric® pocket reinforcements to prevent knife clip wear
  • Nylon and cotton Ripstop
  • Total of eight pockets
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Final Thoughts

You deserve clothes that can work with you and your lifestyle. Utility pants should be crafted to withstand the rigorous activities and adventures life brings your way. We know clothes can make or break the moments that count. 

Your clothes are an investment and a personal statement. We invest in the things that matter to us, and clothes should be one of those things. 



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