These Work Jackets For Men Are Durable and Functional

These Work Jackets For Men Are Durable and Functional

If you have ever done hard work in the wrong clothes, you understand how painfully uncomfortable and unproductive it can be. There is nothing quite as frustrating as clothes that don’t allow you to move the way you need to.

Think about hiking, for example: Would you be comfortable wearing cycling shoes for a strenuous hike? It’s imperative to find durable, functional, and safe attire for work. If there is anything that recent history has taught us, the right protective clothing is everything. 

We think with our bodies and our minds. The right clothing can get us in the work mentality we need to perform at our very best. To feel the part, it’s essential to dress the part. Hard work requires high functioning clothing. So what does it take to make apparel go from fashion to function?

What Makes a Functional Piece of Clothing?

In recent years, men’s work jackets have certainly had their share of the spotlight in high fashion. Those same jackets don’t necessarily equate to functionality when it comes to their intended use. 

Functional clothing is made to work with your body. These pieces of clothing are created specifically with your workload in mind to support the movements of your body and to offer durability and protection. 

Regular clothing goes through the paces–it just needs to be easy to care for, comfortable, and meet industry standards and guidelines. Functional clothing takes it to the next level by testing:

  • How your body is protected from the environment.
  • How moisture is regulated.
  • The features that regulate temperature.
  • The ease with which you can move. 

Why Is It Important to Make Functional Clothing?

If you were going to jump on a dirt bike, you’d want to make sure you had all the right protective gear in place. Work jackets can aid in injury prevention, assist in regulation and law compliance, and be a helpful reminder to be alert while working. 

Being safe at work can help you feel more at ease when performing tasks. This requires clothing that can go the distance, right along with you. Work jackets should offer more than just the benefit of an outer layer of clothing. 

Built-In Benefits

Built-in benefits can make your clothing extra functional. Fabric selections that are optimized for durability and cross-functionality take work jackets from good to great. It’s one thing to offer something like warmth, but it's something unique to offer warmth and protection from something like abrasion. 

You want a jacket that not only looks great but offers you superior protection, functionality, and the ultimate adaptability no matter what life throws your way. 

If you haven’t heard of Kitanica, you are about to be introduced to your new favorite resource for all work and active lifestyle gear. We have compiled a list of our favorite work jackets that offer so much more than just warmth. 

B.O.B Bug Out Breaker

We all need a starting point. A great layering piece that offers style and functionality. If you need a lightweight jacket, the Bug Out Breaker will be your new favorite jacket. This jacket is ideal for travel because of its ultra-lightweight nylon material. 

It can easily fit in your backpack or suitcase without taking up much-needed space. It features a collapsible hood and can be packed directly into the stow pocket of the rear sweep of this breaker. Whether you are being protected from the rain, the wind, or just need a lightweight jacket, this will fit in as a classic staple in your closet. 

Mark I Fleece Liner

Who doesn’t love a fleece jacket? This durable, lightweight jacket is made to offer you a combination of stretch and warmth. Easily packed, you will appreciate that it’s water-resistant and can withstand abrasion. You won’t have to compromise comfort and safety with this jacket!

Winter Softshell

Built to withstand the cold, you will love the warmth and abrasion resistance offered by this jacket. Whether outside working in the elements or hitting the slopes, you can count on this jacket. It features a protective nylon outer-facing fabric, a waterproof membrane, and is optimized for dryness, fit and superior breathability. 

This jacket is built for cold weather and to get the job done when you need it the most. 

Mark I

Various jackets will offer various benefits, but the Mark I Kitanica jacket will blow you away. This jacket looks like it came off of a high fashion runway, but don’t let its looks fool you. This jacket is engineered to stand up to the ultimate tests of durability. 

Its elbows, cuffs, and shoulders are reinforced with the double layers of 1000 denier CORDURA® Fabric. When making a jacket out of such heavy duty material the fit of the jacket is critical. The MARK I can stand up to extreme conditions, just like its owner. 

Mark VI

If you’re looking for a versatile jacket for everyday wear, you have come to the right place. Many companies boast that their jackets will meet all of your needs. This jacket can not only meet your need for versatility and functionality, but it can also endure the heavy abuse of an active lifestyle. 

Built lighter than the other Mark series jackets, it offers side zips. This allows for ease of access for waist carry and also features a hood that can be stowed away. 

Functionality–meet cool style. 

Mark V

The Mark V is the ideal outdoor jacket. Made at a three-quarter length, it offers elbow, shoulder, and cuff reinforcement. It also comes with a convenient detachable hood. This jacket offers unrivaled functionality and is as high functioning as the individual that wears it. It’s not afraid to face the elements and offers unparalleled durability. When it comes to your most rugged terrain and activities, this jacket is going to go the distance. 

Final Thoughts

Work jackets for men need to be both durable and functional, for safety reasons alone. Enough can’t be said for clothing that can meet you where you are. Often when we make clothing purchases, we feel as though we have to compromise style for function.

You can find any jacket that meets your work needs, but with Kitanica you are going to find style and abuse-proof clothing. We understand the purpose of functional clothing, and we also know how to create pieces that aren’t going to have to be replaced after they have experienced your hardest days of work.  

With work clothing, your real-life scenarios need to be considered. We have focused the last 21 years on designing and redesigning our products to make sure that each version is better than the next. 

We take trial and error seriously and know that we’ll continue to offer products that can evolve to meet your specific needs. We will never compromise in our commitment to designing your go to abuse-proof clothing. 


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